Mini Paraglider Rides For Amusement Park

Mini Paraglider Rides For Amusement Park

Mini paraglider ride is a new developed mini park ride for amusement park, it is small occupation but exciting, can attract the people easily, its exactly popular in FEC, amusement park and shopping mall.


Mini Paraglider Rides For Amusement Park 


Specifications For Mini Paraglider Rides For Amusement Park

Type Lifting and Rotating Style Rides
Item Mini Paraglider Park Ride
Game Dimensions W2.2m*D1.15m*H2.55m
Packing Dimensions W2.25m*D1.25m*H2m
Monitor 15” LCD with interactive games
Capacity 1 player
Power 100V-220V, 750W
Color Option As Picture
MOQ 1 Set
OEM OEM Is Warm Welcomed!

<Mini Paraglider Ride For Amusement Park>

Features For Mini Paraglider Rides For Amusement Park

1, Parachute design with colorful lights, can catch people’s eyes easily.
2, Hydraulic driving to make the paraglider lift up and down and rotate.
3, Large scale integrated circuit, very stable performance.
4, Coin operated to save labour cost.

How To Play Mini Paraglider Park Ride?

1, Fasten seat belt, push coin.
2, Press start button to start game.
3, In game, the paraglider lift up and down.
4, The player can play interactive game, and control the hank shank to shoot target to make the paraglider rotate.
5, Game over, the player can learn knowledge.

Quality Control Options

1, Incoming material inspection: all the materials including fiberglass, metal base, bearing,etc need to be inspected when receive.
2, Processing inspection: the assembled ride base need to do burn-in loaded test for three days. In addition, we have QC persons to inspect the producing processing such as the fiberglass protection m
ethod, wire connection, movement, etc .
3, Finished products inspection: after finished production, all rides need to be operated, and be played in random before packing.

4, Packing protection: wooden frame, wooden pallet or wooden crate be chose by customers, to ensure the safe in transportation.

How To Install?
1, The customer will receive the assembled machine directly.

2, Unpack the ride, plug and push coin to test.

1, One full year factory warranty, Life-long maintenance!
2, 7*24 hours online technical support!
3, Warranty process:
(1)Once meet issue, the customer feedback to sales with photos and video.
(2)The technician will analyze the issue by photos and video and offer a solution.

(3)If there is part be broken, the supplier will deliver the new part to the customer by DHL for replacement and guide the customer how to replace.

Suitable place of Our Game Machines?
1, FEC
2, Shopping Mall
3, Arcade Game Centre / Entertainment Centre
4, Kids Playground

5, Anywhere have customer flows

Company Profile
Guangzhou LiFang Amusement Technology Limited was established in 2014, before LiFang established, Guangzhou GongTai Kiddie Rides Factory and Guangzhou Shisheng Game Machine Factory were founded in 201
0 and 2013 respectively. LiFang’s establishment is for the overseas business of GongTai Kiddie Rides Factory and Shisheng Game Machine Factory.
LiFang have been applied itself to develop and produce arcade game machines, Pandora game box, prize vending game machine, kiddie rides, mini park rides, air hockey table and football tables,etc. Duri

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